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Bicycle Rentals & Shuttle Service

Are you looking to spend some time on the New River Trail? We offer bike rentals to get you rolling. We have half-day and full-day rental rates for our bikes. We also have a shuttle service so you can explore more of the trail hassle-free.

Visit us at New River Trail Outfitters and we will help you Get Outside and enjoy our beautiful area!

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The New River Trail

Starting at the Galax trailhead, known fondly as the caboose, the trail follows Chestnut Creek, with multiple crossings and small bridges. The first aid can be found just over 2 miles in at Cliffview. Just over a mile more and Dannelly Park offers up its amenities. Dannelly Park is also the location of the Cliffview campground. A bit further on are, Chestnut Creek Falls a local favorite and great picture spot. There are multiple picnic areas and benches on the route.

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Chestnut Creek Falls

Just a handful of miles from the Galax trailhead, Chestnut Creek Falls is a great place to stop, enjoy a snack and snap some pictures.

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